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Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. With lyrics, words we can do many things, make a song and add music from some strings. We can brighten up someone’s day by just saying hi, but make sure when they leave you don’t forget to say goodbye. The little things in life are what make us be, different emotions from sad to happy.

Lyrically Xpressed..


Smile Today

Smile, show the world your pearly whites, make someone’s day pretty and bright. You can’t imagine what a smile can do when someone’s down, and someone’s blue. You’ll never know what someone is going through, but understand their day can change because of you. Some are down everyday, had a hard life, just want to stay away. I’ll leave it to you to change their way, help them come out and see a new day, with a smile you can brighten up their day. I hope never true but there might be a day, when you’re down and out, and you’ll need someone to brighten up your day. That person that you smiled for one day, the one that you inadvertently changed their day, might ne the one that changes brightens your day. This circle of love can be an amazing way, what we can do for each other is beautiful, and that’s all I have to say.

Darkness Roams

Darkness roams through these hollow halls. Through this darkness I hear screaming calls. I walk these hallways listening to the walls, to see if they can tell me the stories about these hollow halls. Light never comes, because evil lingers at night. Evil will never show it’s face when outside is happy and bright. Evil dwells in these dark hollow halls, I can smell the death of souls coming from these, not, so, silent, walls.

The Marine

Little guy played soldier when he was young. Grew into an athlete in school, he was a genius, he was no bum. He graduated, and followed his dream, his dream of being a United States Marine. Little guy now big, went to boot camp, where there he was the guide, yes he was a champ. Went to the fleet as an infantry man, then his time came to deploy to Afghanistan. There he fought long and hard, kept the enemy at bay, kept them afar. Armed with his M-4, he took no mercy, fought to protect his Marines because their deserving. He fought in the hills and down below, he loved being a Marine, you can see it his face, you can see his eyes glow. He took all the battles with not even a flinch, til his day came lying there in a ditch. While bleeding from his wounds, he thought about his life before he grew. Thought about his life anew. Thought about playing soldier when he was young. Thought how in school he was no bum. Thought about his athletic days. Thought about boot camp, and how it paved the way, he thought about the day he earned his, EGA. Last thought was, I’ll do it all again, if I wasn’t on my way out, I’d continue this fight in Afghanistan. As he lay there the fight was still on, in his dying glory he tried to fight on. His eyes now close, his soul reaching for the sky. Rest easy Marine, rest easy little guy!!

Things Used To Be Great

Things used to be so happy and great. White picket fences with a cute swivel gate. Used play outside til dark just me and my mate, not worry in the world, just made sure I made it home not too late. I than grew a little I noticed all that was fake, but I played along because my imagination was great. I grew some more and continued to wait, maybe things will get better, but didn’t I guess that was fate. I knew than that something in life was misplaced, I seem to have lost all that was happy and great. I’m now much older, all I do is make mistakes. Mam where would I be if things were still happy and great. I’m much older looking for faith, I’ve made some life choices some bad and some great. Few more years in this life that I made, now anxiety sets in, I begin to think it’s too late. Panic comes after because it’s anxiety’s mate. I’m now certain that for me it’s too late. It’s hard coming out of this lifes fate. When the mind starts to wander, it’s hard to escape. I’ve been, I’ve done, I’ve seen a lot of hate. Maybe that’s why I’ve lost my happy and great.

It’s never too late to change your way of thinking. IT’S NEVER TOO LATE! Start today and replace your negative thoughts when positive thoughts. Forget where you’ve been and think about where you’d like to be. Head in that direction. Good trekking my friends!!

The Darkness

Think of darkness so quite and still. The thought of just sitting in it, gives me the chills. The thing about the darkness when it’s so quite and chill, the mind seems to wonder just to get a thrill. Just sitting there, that’s when it begins, that’s when those damn thoughts invade, that’s, when it wins. Think about the darkness so quite and still, why we fear it, that’s not of our own will. Consider that we’re supposed to use it for sleep, that’s because it’s supposed to represent peace. But, consider the thieves that uses the darkness for his greed, consider that evil that happens when darkness covers the streets. The freaks come out when darkness is still, their on the hunt for their next big thrill. Now think about darkness so quite and chill, and understand why thinking about it just gives me the chills. Next time your in the darkness all alone, get up and walk to light before your mind’s too far gone. THIS DARKNESS I SPEAK OFF ISN’T AT HOME, PLEASE UNDERSTAND it’s the darkness we live in when our minds and souls are so far gone. It’s an emptiness, it’s a black hole, it’s why I’ve become this lost soul.

Don’t live in darkness, please come out to the light. It’s an awful feeling, I know it’s hard, but damn it fight! You’re a beautiful soul, let be the first to say. Get out your smiling shoes and walk to happiness today.

Have You Ever Been Alone

Have you ever been alone? Not a soul to talk to, not even one to phone. Have you ever been alone? No one to cry to, no one to hear your groans. Have you ever been alone, just you and your mind, but your minds already gone. Have you ever been alone? Where you live in your mind because that’s where you call home. Have you ever been alone? When all you have to do is think about all that you’ve done wrong. Have you ever been alone? Because no one understands your struggles, cause everyone’s out for their own. Have you ever been alone? So much so that you stare in to death’s eyes and wonder when you’ll be gone. HAVE YOU, HAVE YOU EVER, HAVE YOU EVER BEEN FREAKING ALONE???

No one should ever be alone. There are seven billion people in the world. Think about that! There are plenty of people in this world, everyone should have a friend, or a shoulder, or just someone to talk to. If you see someone that’s hurting, reach out and see if you can help. I write these things from experience not imagination. I understand the struggle.

Image by: http://www.martinstranka.com

You Want Me To Be Ok?

Lord you want me to be ok? But I feel like you’ve made me this way. Sometimes I lose faith, and that’s not good in anyway. I’ve tried to pray, but I felt like one is there to answer those days. What can I say? I’ve reached for you and I’m still this way. They tell me after these struggles you’ll be great one day, stronger then before, am I strong enough I say? Can I put out for another day, can I control it and be, on my way, to greatness and be far away, from this anxiety and everything else I keep at bay? Can I trust the Lord to fix me today, can I rekindle my belief for you for the rest of my days. Lord I understand where we’re going with this, you broke me down to administer a fix. I no longer blame you I see the win. My eyes are now open because where I’ve been. Lord all mighty I get on me knees, forgive and allow me to start over please! Lord, help me find my soul, help reach for the empty and come out whole. Lord, I need you now more, on those days of battle that I’m beat and wore. I’ll find light in your glory one day, let just get through these battles today. Lord, I know you want to be ok.

Living In My Mind

I live in my mind that’s trying to get me. The dude upstairs, I swear he hates me. Floods me with thoughts that won’t let me escape me. I can run, but run from where? I can’t escape, the dude upstairs. He’s made his home in the middle of my mind, he’s like the troublesome neighbor that parties all night. I can’t escape the life long lease, this dude knows what he’s doing he’s brought me down to my knees. The dude upstairs works at the oddest times, when I lay my head down is when he truly shines. The man upstairs he never quits, never ending yapping, man he’s making me sick. This bastard and I need to get along, I’m tired of having him in my mind where he doesn’t belong.

Get out of your mind. Work on retraining your mind to work for you and not against you. You are more powerful than your thoughts. Remember that thoughts can hover around, but you control which thought lands on your mental run way. For every negative thought have a positive to replace it, especially on those hard days.


This morning I woke up groggy and blue. I feel like I’m out of body, staring from a distance, I seem so far away from our human existence. I’m floating in space trying to reach ME again, I’m reaching out to my own body’s hand. I scream PLEASE LOOK, LET ME BACK IN, but the lack of sleep wont let me think clear enough to win. This battle I’m in is no joke, I’m in my own civil war, unlike like history in this battle there’s no winner at all. I fight to make my way back in, try to be cognitive, and try to catch a win. I walk the Earth a zombie, I’m completely out of sink, the thoughts are over whelming, I’m truly on the brink. This morning I woke up groggy and blue, this morning’s an everyday occurrence for this crazy fool.

I Get On My Knees And Pray

I get on my knees and pray to the Lord to forgive what I was, am, and what I might be. Lord I’m lost soul please don’t spite me. I need some direction, lord help, come find me. Lord I’m in need of some forgiveness, for all the I’ve done wasn’t just simple business. I had a lot hatred, Lord what is this?,Can’t come out the black whole til I get forgiveness. Lord, I know with your guidance I can be someone great. To be where I am today speaks volumes of your glory, I’ll continue fighting this battle of your love, evil, and my mind see. Lord I pray for the strength that you can give me. To go out in the world and take this battle with me to the streets. I teeter back and forth but that’s the battle that I fight see, Lord when you come in have these fools feel the wrath of your words please! Lord, with your words I feel comfort see, Lord with your words I see wonders G. I know your plan is to make me stronger see, I just hope this plan is quick and doesn’t take much longer G. I get on my knees and pray to the Lord what I was, am, and might be.

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